Just like you, I wear many hats. Mama by day, business owner by nap time, and photographer on nights and weekends. I understand that finding a wedding photographer for your perfect day is like finding a unicorn! That’s why I’m so glad you stumbled upon me!
After photographing weddings the last 6 years, I understand that you want to soak in every possible moment on your wedding day without worrying if your photographer captured it. That is where I come in!
I adore serving fun-loving couples like yourself who value marriage and treasure timeless memories that you can reminisce on as years go by. My specialty is keeping things fun, while making sure you are soaking in every possible moment with the ones you love most! 

Let's get Personal

I'm so glad you are here!

My Family
My support system, my loves, my world. They inspire me to be the absolute best version of myself.

fun facts

Our Fur Baby
Virgil is a 120 pound Bull-Mastiff that is scared of brooms, loves to chase a ball, and is the champion of nap time. 

My favorite coffee is from Midtown in my hometown of Russellville, Arkansas. They make the yummiest custom drinks that will blow your freaking mind! 

My Go To:
Bulletproof with Sugar Free Vanilla 

I help lead praise and worship at our church. My husband plays the bass and we pray that Emily is musically inclined as well! We would love to all be able to play together. How Cute!!

more about me

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