3 Hacks to Make Small Group Posing Your New Fave!


November 11, 2020

I absolutely love using these posing hacks for small groups such as my spokesmodels, families with older kids, and bridesmaids!

To see a video of these tips, ✨CLICK HERE

First Pose: Make sure everyone is close and touching in SOME WAY!
1. Holding Hands
2. Hand in Hair
3. Hands in Pocket
4. Linked Arms
5. Hugging

**Pose Groups by Skin Tone and Clothing Colors Rather Than Height**

Second Pose: Sitting Down and Snuggled Up
1. Make sure everyone is still close and touching
2. Wrap arms loosely around each other
3. Make sure you can see everyone’s faces
4. Make it fun by tossing leaves or confetti while laughing at each other

Third Pose (and my ABSOLUTE fave): Walking and bumping hips AKA:Drunk Walk
1. Make sure everyone has their arms wrapped at the waist
2. They do not need to walk in sync (feet and legs)
3. Have them walk towards you while laughing and looking at each other.
Genuine laughs will ensue because this pose is FUN!

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